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Workshops, Lectures and Materclasses

Corsanico (I), September 26-28, 2008
Incontri di Musica a Corsanico 2008

Vasto, August 26-31, 2007
Teacher at IX Seminari Musicali Internazionali

Amsterdam, October 24, 2005
Masterclass “Musical connection between Flanders and Italy”, held at the Oude Kerk during the 1st International Sweelinck Festival

Bolzano, August 2004
Teacher at Antiqua 2004 - European Academy of Early Music

Helsinki, February 23-25, 2003
Masterclass “From Gabrieli and Frescobaldi to Johann Kaspar kerll: a little trip in old Italian organ music and his influence in Europe” held on the XVIII century old Italian organ at the Sibelius Academy

Vasto, August 24-28, 2005
Teacher at VII Seminari Musicali Internazionali

L'Aquila, August 2-5, 2000
Masterclass “L'opera per tastiera di Johann Kaspar Kerll e le toccate di Georg Muffat”, held at the Istituto dell'Organo Storico Italiano

Attersee, August 16-23, 1998
Masterclass “Organ and Figured Bass” for Attersee Barock Academy

Staffolo, October 11-14, 2001
Teacher at Seminario di interpretazione organistica organized from the Accademia Organistica Vallesina

Altenburg, September 6-9, 1993
Masterclass at 3. Sächsisch-Thüringische Orgelakademie

Corniolo, July 20-31, 1996
Accademia Musicale della Romagna Toscana
Corsi Internazionali di perfezionamento musicale

Lübeck, July 21-31, 1991
Assistent during the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival 1991 held at Lübeck Music Academy

Barletta, June 25 – July 5, 1992
Masterclass at Corsi Nazionali di Perfezionamento Musicale

Aosta, May 14, 2005
Workshop “Le principali scuole organarie italiane: la scuola meridionale”, held at the Conference Hall of the Biblioteca Regionale in a program of the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato della Valle d'Aosta

Battipaglia, August 31 - September 1, 2001
Lecture “Kerll e Muffat, ovvero due modi diversi di trattare l'organo”, held at the Accademia Organistica Campana

Lübeck, October 20, 1992
„Johann Kaspar Kerll: Beiträgen zur Quellenlage und Editionspraxis“, held in the Lübeck Music Academy

Chemnitz/Zwickau, September 8, 1993
Lecture „Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium zu Interpretationsfragen der Orgelmusik von G. Frescobaldi, J.K. Kerll, J.S. Bach uns seinem Schülerkreis“, held at the Philosophische Fakultät der TU Chemnitz/Zwickau during the 3. Sächsisch-Thüringische Orgelakademie

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